The Band

Ashleigh - Fronting the band on vocals and rhythm guitar is Ashleigh Humble.


She been playing instruments for over 25 years (yes she is really that old!) Her favourite band is Led Zeppelin and favourite song to sing with the band is Rebel Yell from the Billy Idol medley.


She plays an electric Gibson Studio and an acoustic Takamine and uses either a Blackstar or Marshall amp (depending on stage size!) and did you know ... she is a classically trained pianist !! (see Links page for more details).


Harry - On lead guitar is Harry Ferry.  He's been playing guitar for 19 years and plays a Fender Strat and a PRS Custom 24 through a Bogner Shiva amp.


His favourite bands are Queen, Van Halen and Black Sabbath.  His fave Molly song to play is Tie Your Mother Down.


And finally, did you know Harry loves playing bingo?!  Get ya dobbas out!!!

Mike - Here's our drummer Mike Nevin, in action.


He's been playing kit for 46 years (he doesn't even look old enough right?!) He uses a DW drum kit and Zildjian K cymbals.


His favourite band is Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars. His favourite Blistered Molly song to play is Smells Like Teen Spirit.


And finally, did you know Mike has travelled over 1.2 million miles with his work without a single scrape - impressive eh?!

Peter - Peter Storey on bass guitar has been playing for a whopping 52 years!! He uses an Ampeg pf500 amp and plays a Fender Precision and a Lakland Skyline bass guitar.


His fave band is Queen and he loves playing Sweet Child of Mine with us Mollies.


And finally, did you know Pete once roadied for Sting! Oooooo!  


Gan on Pistol Pete!!!